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Established in Guangzhou in 1989, the South Group (hereafter as "the Company") has been developed as a provider for GIS solutions, which integrated with R&D, production, sales and services over the past decades. South Group always putting efforts on industry informatization and the increasing value for GIS applications, our service is fully covered the survey equipment, precise measurement system, data process project, GIS system and smart city application, etc.

By our independent innovation spirit, the Company committed to Geo-information industry and revitalizing the national industry as our own duty as always. South also achieved the localization for survey equipment, for example the total station, GNSS products, Theodolite, Distance Meter, and becoming the leader for Chinese survey equipment manufacture. According to the qualification test from the National Administration of Surveying and Geo-information, South already owing the technology for world-advanced level in TOP4.
With over 3000 employees in South Group, the Company captured over 60% share in the domestic market and built a seamless network by 30 provincial branch offices, over 100 municipal sub-branches in nationwide, and there are 9 headquarters donate the oversea sales to export the products over 100 regions in worldwide. Combine with 5 affiliated manufacture factories which located in Beijing, Wuhan, Changzhou and Guangzhou, the Company has grown the R&D technology for GNSS, high-speed railway measurement, UAV system, mobile laser scanning, precise position service, GIS software from strength to strength. 
Adhere to the idea for Star Service, the Company focus to the professionality and real-time response to meet all the requirements for our customers. We not only insisting the importance for humanized management and regulated cooperation, but also our employee’s value.

South devote ourselves to the developments of Geo-information industry in China, will continue our steps to becoming the world-class suppler for surveying instruments and GIS solutions.

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